Other languages

In current pre-alpha state language is hardcoded and english. However this is very bad coding style. Furthermore there would be problems in future (e.g. checksums on download pages).

To solve this problem and to provide other language versions a batch of new files will be introduced. One file will serve as config file and will store the selection of the user. The other files will contain the languages. These language files actually contain variable definitions that are then sourced within the script before the first dialog-page is loaded. A menu entry will be added to the start screen to select the language. Default language will be EN.

Independent from that we need people from the community to create language files for certain languages. Auto translation is not good enough for that so we need native speakers to translate it from english to their language. It is very important is UCS is available in many languages so this topic has high priority!

If you would like to contribute by translating please contact me via PM. Thanks!

Language has been included. Language files are stored under /lang-folder in UCS home directory. Current languages supported are DE, EN, FR and IT. Default language after installation is EN.

Naming convention is:
lang_< language-short >_< language-long >.conf

Example files:

You can add new files to this folder and the script will automatically include them. Make sure you don’t change “< these >” or the "/n"s ! Everything else can be adopted to the related language. If you have an questions feel free to ask. Thanks!