No fees required anymore

Hello all,

during development we had introduced a fee (0.01%) for all transactions. After several brainstorming sessions we came to the conclusion that this fee is obsolete. We have removed the related lines out of the source code.

Here are some points why we have removed the transaction fees:

  • There is no online network that could be the target of real time spam. Reduce network spamming was one of the main goals when we introduced the fee.

  • There are no miners who could earn the fee. As there is no mining taking place there are no miners who could earn it by processing new blocks.

  • Users get credits for participation every day. So they would probably never run out of funds to pay the fee for very small transactions.

  • Crypto currencies that have no fee are highly attractive for the community. Transaction costs are almost zero in these currencies.

In my opinion the above mentioned aspects are enough to show that the befenits of having no fees are bigger that if we had one.