New Algorithm to calculate coinload

Hello everyone!

As already anounced on the official homepage we made some changes and again changed the algorithm that calculates the daily coinload to be more fair to the users.

From a technical point of view “the algorithm” is actually a logic within the function build_ledger of

How was it done before?
Before the payouts were halving from phase to phase starting at 10.000 while duration of a phase was doubled from one to the next phase starting at 1 day in phase 1. However, at some point it would take too long to reach the next phase which would also mean that it would take too long for the value a coin is worth to increase. At some point it would be unattractive to join as the value will not increase as fast as during the beginning. Then we changed the algorithm formular to “0.97 ^ Months since start * 10000 / 30”. However it still was not sufficient.

How is it done now?
Now we switched from stage-wise payouts to fix payouts. The payout will be 1.000000000 UCC per user per day.

This seems to be more fair to the users and also ensures that it is also attractive to join at any point in the future. It also eases the process to define a price and to estimate the value of a given thing. For more informations see the whitepaper. You can find them here or on the official webpage.