Exchanges and Trading Platforms

This is the main topic to discuss how, when and on which platforms we want list the universal credit coins.

Most commercial markets require high listing fees, but however we have plenty of coins. There are lots of community based coins and I can’t imagine they fundraised few hundred thousand dollars in their own rows to get listet on all the markets out there. I don’t know if it’s common practice that these fees are paid by crypto instead of cash but I can imagine that is how it’s done. A good thing is, there are exchanges that offer code to be embedded into website for direct exchange that require no listing fees, BUT the exchange is limited to few other cryptos and no cash. That makes it unattractive for inexperienced users who just want some credits in exchange for their money. We need to offer our crypto directly to the people and it’s not very handy that buyers must switch values two times before they get their credits (cash->transfer crypto->UCC).

Hi all,

So it’s little different:

I don’t know what to say after I saw this…but I can tell you right know we won’t pay these 250k+ for one year. Before that happens we will set up our own trading platform where we can sell the crypto. We came till this point from nowhere and there is no reason for paying such a high amount for the listing on a single exchange…for one year…what the?!? But beside that some decentral exchanges do not have fees for newcomers. They do free listing, but we will need big man power to cover them all and manage the contracts.

And another thought: we have the daily payouts and either you need them or not. if you need them you probably will not be the one who buys some more in exchange for cash. So you can actually split up the user into consumers and non consumers. The consumers depend on this in a sense of a basic income. The non consumers are either vendors who accept UCC as payment or use UCC as some kind or foreign currency to trade or speculate with. When you want to buy credit coins and store it in your own wallet, you would need the UCS app anyway or a yet non existent third party wallet. But even a third party wallet or a third party hosted central wallet would then have the daily payouts so the user would gain some credits. What I am trying to say is: it is very difficult to figure out what is the initial demand of coins in the early stages needed for exchanges and trading plattforms. I expect it to be low because UCS is not that famous in the beginning and the payouts are high but it could also be the opposite because some people consider the early phases of a crypto currencie as initial coin offering. What do you think about it? Should we provide our own Plattform to sell UCC?